Collin County
GEM Employee Recognition Program

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Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Employee Recognition Program


Collin County’s GEM program is designed to recognize and reward county employees for excellence in service. This program allows elected officials and department heads to grant employees public recognition and an immediate monetary award for extra efforts.


Funding for GEM comes from revenues generated by the State Procurement Card Rebate Program, the Office Depot Office Supply Rebate Program and 65% of the vending machine concession contract.


Examples of efforts to be recognized:


·         One-time noteworthy achievements

·         Volunteering for an extra or emergency assignment while maintaining one’s own workload

·         Using personal initiative and creativity to solve an unusual problem

·         Producing a work product of exceptionally high quality under tight deadlines


A GEM award net payment is about $50.


GEM nominees are approved or disapproved for an award by the employee’s elected official or appointed department head. The program was approved and initiated by the Collin County Commissioners Court on November 1, 2010.


GEM award winners so far are listed below.


Congratulations to all GEM Award winners!


Admin Services - Georgia Shepherd 06-05-2013
Admin Services - Julie Monge 04-30-2012
Auditor - Janice Nicholson 09-26-2011
Auditor - Kristine Malone 09-26-2011
Auditor - Laura Thomas 01-29-2013
Auditor - Robert Arruejo 06-14-2012
Auditor - Robert Arruejo 09-26-2011
Budget - Law Library Diane Roberts 03-01-2012
CCAL 1 - Mary J'Net Chambers 06-13-2011
Christine Luna - County Clerk 05-14-2013
Constable 4 - Tiffany Eaves 08-30-2013
County Clerk - Adri Starnes 03-11-2014
County Clerk - Agnie Fortner 03-11-2014
County Clerk - Mary Collins 01-30-2014
County Clerk - Paul Tinker Rosales 01-22-2014
County Ext Svcs - Pam Donnell 06-14-2013
CSCD - Ammon Conyers 07-12-2011
CSCD - Amy Cordova 07-12-2011
CSCD - April Stanford 07-18-2011
CSCD - Armando Jimenez 08-03-2011
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